The Huddle-5.1 Saying “Yes” to God

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Hey everybody, and welcome back to the Huddle podcast. I want to make a small note that we are working on getting some editing software to help spruce up the podcast a little. What you get right now is just raw and uncut. Pretty much a cool way of saying that it has not been edited. Ha! 

     But back to the matter at hand. I am so excited to have Reverend Al Potts with us for this episode. You are going to love hearing him share how his “yes” to God has changed his life. I love hearing these stories of where people step out in faith after God, and I pray that it encourages you to say “yes” to God as well.

     This whole month we will be discussing this topic on The Huddle app and facebook page. We will also be confronting what we feel God is asking us to say “yes” to. 

      I truly believe this testimony is going to change your walk. Enjoy!